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This answer is tricky as it varies by contract and usually the contractor has set prices. We may need to assess distances that our crew will be driving, will we need to bring our source of water for pressure washing? what products will they be needing. 


Commercial painting does not refer to large scale jobs, but more referring to the establishment or site being painted. This can include small or large scale :grocery stores markets, restaurants, office spaces. HOA or properties managed by a third party entity.  Commercial painting also indicates and requires a different grade/level of expertise in certain products, tools and managing projects with many other contractors. Many times in commercial painting, you are coordinating when to begin a job, and communicating with PM or other contractors business owners. 


Residential requires expertise in working in conjunction with homeowners. Knowledge of best products and materials to use for residential grade painting. It includes painting of the structure of home, Residential painting may include painting of outside Shed to match the home, painting of garage door, driveways, decks , concrete porches, and aluminum lanai structures (we have painted and exp. with all of these).


Typical quality problems are when a painter will try to fix hairline cracks in stucco and they can’t match the existing finish. or they don’t do the correct application when re-patching and the cracks reappear shortly. Overspray is something every painter has to be aware of, you can cost the business thousands if you don’t take the precautions for overspray. That is when the wind takes the small paint speckles and splatters them on unprotected vehicles ( clients or neighbors) windows, light fixtures or even newly painted surfaces now splattered with another color. Our crews hold the necessary tools they need for every job- they have vehicle covers, drapes, paper and tape to ensure we protect any surrounding areas we don’t spray to accidentally fall on.


Residential painting for exterior is taking your homes sq and multiplying by cost per sq. for interior it depends if ceilings doors trim are being done, if the residence is empty or if furniture will have to be moved and rearrange back. all this is calculated into a final price as it impacts time and man hours. The price is also impacted if there are repairs being done ( Drywall, baseboard repair, hole patching).


The avg fair cost is between $2.00-$3.75

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