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Dos and Don’ts When Selecting Exterior House Paint

Changing the exterior of your home can radically transform its appearance, whether you are trying to sell it or want to give it a facelift. Here are some of the guidelines from residential painters in Tampa on what to do and not to do when selecting an exterior paint color for your property. For any assistance, our office, Jumbo Painting, is available to assist.

Painting Your Home’s Exterior: What You Should Do

Use Your Imagination

Make your space stand out with a splash of vibrant accent color. For instance, our Tampa Residential Painting Company recommends a red door or shutter, making a house look sophisticated and traditional.

Make A Palette

You can choose the perfect color scheme for each room in your house by pulling out various color swatches. Your home’s body, accents, and trim should all be distinct colors that work well together. Matching the accent and trim color might be effective when working with neutral tones.

Painting Your Home’s Exterior: What You Should Not Do

Do NOT Buy Discount Paint

Premium paints from a Tampa Commercial Painting Company are easier to apply, last longer, and leave a more polished finish than cheaper options.

NEVER Settle On A Single Hue

As the primary color, your home’s trim and accent colors probably need updating simultaneously. Picking a single color scheme that will work with your existing windows, shutters, accents, and trim is a bad idea. Look for a secondary color that goes well with the primary one.

Exterior Commercial Painters

For more than two decades, commercial painters in Tampa have been the best option for exterior professional commercial painting. We add the flair your home’s exterior is missing when you decide to paint or refinish it. Contact us today and see why we are considered one of the region’s best residential and commercial painting companies.