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Should You Paint Your Roof In Tampa?

Roof painting is often overlooked when planning a residential and commercial painting, making it uncommon among homeowners. Painting roofs is a standard part of exterior commercial painters. Our Tampa Residential Painting Company, Jumbo Painting, advises businesses to paint roofs to protect against the sun’s intense heat and to slow the deterioration of the roof itself. Residential painters in Tampa are knowledgeable in roof upkeep and can explain why painting your roof there is a good option.


Maximize Your Roof’s Durability For A Long Time

Our specialized paint can prevent your roof from deteriorating due to weather. The paint products protect roofing materials from the sun’s rays, heat, temperature swings, rain, and humidity. Most also contain chemicals that prevent mold growth which can cause severe damage to a roof.

Savings on Energy Obtained by Painting Your Roof

The inside structure absorbs some heat as the roof warms up. This will result in your air conditioning system working more to maintain the optimum comfort level. Our specific roof paint can reflect up to 80% of the sun’s energy away from the roof. This dramatically reduces its temperature, reducing the energy usage of its air conditioning system.

Seek the Advice of our Tampa Commercial Painting Company

Commercial painters in Tampa assist businesses in cleaning, repairing, and protecting their roofs. Get in touch with us or give us a call for all your professional commercial painting and associated property care needs.