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Considerations When Painting Your Tampa Ceiling

You have undoubtedly opted to paint the ceiling while you were up there painting the walls if you live in Tampa. However, painting ceilings is far more complex than painting walls. Do not let that deter you; the residential painters in Tampa at Jumbo Painting can achieve quality results.

Ceiling Paint Vs. Wall Paint

Some inexperienced painters make the error of applying the same latex-based paint on the walls to the ceiling. The low viscosity of wall paint makes this a wrong choice, as it can cause significant dripping into the floor.  Commercial painters in Tampa insist on starting with the ceiling if you intend to paint the walls as well, allowing you to fix any splatters on the walls. 

If you are not planning to paint the walls, you may wish to cover them with plastic sheeting and even the windows. Our professional commercial painting uses paint texture additives in acceptable, medium forms to use when painting to get a uniform appearance over the ceiling.

Ceiling Paint Varieties

Considering the ceiling paint’s humidity levels is essential. Because of their low reflectivity, flat acrylic paints are suitable for dry environments. Avoid using flat paints in moist areas like bathrooms. These areas tend to have high humidity, which can cause the paint to crack, or chip. Acrylic paints with a semi-gloss finish are the most acceptable options for humid environments.

Hiring a Tampa Residential Painting Company

By choosing residential and commercial painting, you, too, may enjoy the benefits of a newly painted ceiling. Please call us for exterior commercial painters near me for all your painting requirements.